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100 New Pictures Added In Graphic Node’s App

Graphic Node is a graphic designing company which specializes in making templates, themes and illustrations for Mac operating systems has made an update to its Photo Stills pack of photographs and picture related items for the Apple iWork app. The company has added in 100 new photos and has bought his collection to a quantity of 600 images. With the help of Photo Stills, the Mac users can decorate and customize their invitations, slideshows, newsletters, Web pages along with a bundle of several other documents for a small price tag of $9.99.

The topics of the images in the Photo Stills application ranges from food related items to everyday objects. Moreover, an addition of 100 pictures that are based on flowers, confectionary, timber patterns and several other aspects that have been added into the latest version. The program provides a way to its users to ad in a sensation of authenticity within their contents thereby, improving the appealing factor to any of its audience whether they may be business partners, a group of students or any other potential user.

The nature of these pictures is that it can eventually be added into any document or file whether it may be a presentation, designing of Web Pages, invitations, newsletters, posters and several other such formats. Everyone can use the illustration for any purpose amidst its vast collection of 600 images which is categorized as 400 images of high-quality pictures and 200 pictures having transparent background.

Moreover, all the images added in the application of Photo Stills are very easy to make use of as the process involves a simple drag and drop feature within the slides of a presentation, graphic editors or documents of Pages. On the other hand, the transparent background enables the user to place any included object of the picture on to several colored as well as patterned oriented background.

Apart from the power packed Photo Still application, Graphic Node also offers an excellent as well as an exciting featured set of 3D objects and clipart images. All the three bundle packs can be obtained in a single Photo Still package which now comprises of about 1200 illustrations at a cost of $19.

The users of the program can view several samples of the required illustration and can make a deal of the Photo Still application from the official website of Graphics Node. Moreover, the Still bundle does not require any installation procedure and can simply be stored wherever the users find it convenient enough.

The system requirements for the Graphic Node’s application of Photo Still is set to be Mac OS X 10.4 or later versions at a price of $9.99 USD of Photo Still only and $19 USD for the complete Stills bundled package.

Graphic Node was launched in 2011 and since then it has developed several themes for iWeb, iWork and other applications  for the community of Apple’s Mac OS X. the team of developers can be considered as dedicated professionals who works hard to ensure that the quality of the applications are high and consistent.

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